Massage(not fs)
160 HOUR
This is all about you. Touching you from head to toe.
Sensually touching, slowly bringing you into a smile.

Reverse(not fs)
200 90 MINS
Starting with me, you will slowly massage me. Touching all the parts, slowly enjoying the responsiveness of me. Taking me over the edge with your gentle touch.
Once my 30 mins is done, its your turn, completing you.

260 Hour, 360 90 Mins, 460 2 Hours: No hh

Mutual touching and fully interactive sensuality. I’m not a restaurant, (you wont get a menu from me) please understand we are playing adult games that require respect.
While I do this for a living, it doesn’t mean I want to be treated like an inanimate object.

Swingers Club * Friday and Saturday Night ONLY
8pm to 2am
Feel like an evening out while walking on the wild side ? This is the perfect mix to mingling in a world you have only dreamed of.
You can sit on the sideline and watch with baited breath or jump in and experience all your fantasy’s. My role, is to help you navigate what your evening looks like. I’m here to Show you life can be fun.

An Evening Out
*90 mins private time after dinner
There’s nothing more luxurious then to have a companion who wants to have light conversation, or deep meaningful debate. Healthy and fulfilling.
We are two people who understand the confines of these types of relationships but want more from them.